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Just received the 3 games purchased for Christmas gifts, opened one to play with friends and had a ball. Great game, [it] showed us how much we did not know, and we learned a lot. Thank you, you have built a great educational game. Top quality and attention to detail.

We had a game night at our 9/12 Project meeting and had a blast!! Your game provides a very entertaining (and hysterical) way to learn more about our country at a time when we so desperately need to learn the truth. Great game!

Bought this game at Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event. Realized it was not the game he talked about, but decided it was a good choice. Just finished our first round with my grand daughters. They are 10 and 12! They loved it! After each question we would have a discussion about the social and historical meaning of the topic. I am confident that my grandkids will grow up with a clear understanding of our Country and our Rights!!
Thank You!

We just played this game with some of our friends. Loved the game. Tons of laughs! Learned a lot about the Constitution too.

“We are a home school group of about 50 families who share a library. My wife is currently our THC Librarian. I ordered your game for our library. My wife, 8 year old son and I played the game. We had a blast! It was so fun and educational our son says it is now the best game he’s ever played! He’s won a few times, and I enjoyed explaining various events to him. What an awesome game you have!”

“I want to thank you for this board game. We have played as a family numerous times and LOVE IT! … Thank you for a WONDERFUL game.”

“We’ve played this (We the People Fight Tyranny) game twice now since opening it as a Christmas gift (our players consisted of ages 11 through adult, all homeschooled kids). We all liked this game very much and hope you all are coming out with new questions/cards to add to the decks, as I have a feeling this will be a big hit around here! Thanks for such a great family game!”

“The We the People Fight Tyranny Game seems to be a lot like what you would get if you combined Monopoly with Trivia Pursuit and gave it a History spin. The game itself is simple to play, but the questions range from easy to difficult, pulling from hundreds of books and online resources. There are no ‘giveaway’ questions and the vocabulary can be tricky for younger kids. This is why I recommend it as a family game. It is a great way to practice a combination of skills – adding, subtracting (stars and monies lost and gained), historical questions, vocabulary and context clues, memory, as well as reading for content… We the People Fight Tyranny Game is one everyone in our family agrees is a keeper.”

“I played the game for the first time with my family tonight. We had the best time! It was simple to understand and there were a lot of great learning opportunities. This game is a great way to spend time with your family while learning about our great nation!”