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Game Details

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Overview of Game Play

  3-8 Players — Ages 15 to Adult

  • SQUIRM  as the newly anointed Game Czar chooses your identity. Laugh at the absurd twists & turns you’ll discover on Semi-Capitalist Street & the Path of Social Justice.
  • EDUCATE  yourself, family and friends by discussing five categories of historically relevant questions.  Answers include additional information, stories, pictures and sources so you can continue to learn after the game is over.
  • DISAPPOINT Big Brother by living the principles and values of liberty.
  • EARN stars by answering questions correctly and living a patriotic life.
  • LAUGH at ridiculous examples of “social justice” that steal from your bank account while redistributing your hard-earned stars to the pork barrel.
  • WIN by having the most stars when the first player goes broke.


This game is proudly MADE IN THE USA!


Make history your family’s favorite subject!  This game is a history/government curriculum presented in a format of discussion so kids will learn, retain and be prepared to defend liberty over entitlement. It’s time to start learning from the PAST by using stories about the people, events, documents and faith from America’s rich heritage to ingrain Constitutional principles into kids TODAY.   Teach history the FUN way!  Grab some snacks! Play the game! Share some laughs! Have a discussion….and RESTORE America!

Make a difference today!